Phone is not just an instrument to make calls. It is a powerful tool to make each call into sales.

Provided you use it effectively.

The difference between personal meeting and phone call is, the prospect will not see you if you on a call with him, BUT he can judge you within seconds through your way of speaking.

The most important and critical thing in a phone call is if you miss to use the exact style of calling within first 6 seconds, your prospect will keep the phone down.

So when you use the phone to call a new person, there are some points to keep in mind and implement.

Call your prospect by name BUT with respect. For example, if you are calling Mr Alexander, call him Alexander Ji. This will give a feeling to your prospect, that somebody is calling him , who knows him.

Also, everybody like to hear their own name. If you call them by name, with respect, he will be happy to listen you. And you have won at the 1st point.

After this, introduce yourself in crisp and clear within 1 minute.

The third step is most important, which most of the sales people fail and prospect keep the phone down or will tell that I am driving.

Immediately after introducing you for 1 minute, tell him why you called him.

For example, if you are an equipment manufacturer, or trader, you can tell him , Alexander Ji, I called you to get an appointment with you to explain about the new technology machine we have launched just yesterday, which will double your production and reduce the manpower and cost.

The customer will surely give you an appointment.

During the appointment you can present the product in such way , where customer will feel his benefits . Please read my earlier blog and youtube on how to present a product.

Use the above techniques in your next phone call and win each call.

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