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Sales & Marketing Training

How we will help you to increase your Sales through your Sales Team

  1. Who are actual targeted customers / prospects
  2. How to get appointment
  3. How to present yourself and product
  4. What to talk and how to talk to generate interest in customer / prospect
  5. How to follow up with documents
  6. How to handle rejections or objections from customer / prospect side
  7. How to tell a price
  8. How to sell at Company price without discount
  9. How to do up-sales and cross-sales
  10. How to create monopoly for your product and kill competition
  11. How to and when to use different types of order closure techniques
  12. How to create Sales and Marketing Funnel
  13. Multiple Sales Strategies
  14. How to understand customer / prospect body language
  15. How to prepare sales projection
  16. How to prepare a focused and result oriented visitation plan…. and many more …..

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