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Standard Operating Procedure

It is simple but required for any organization to Grow

  1. I will prepare Job description for each of your employees
  2. Will prepare current or advanced working procedure suitable both for the Organization and the employee .
  3. Prepare policies, action plans which will help the Organization to Grow
  4. Will analyze the market and customer taste and suggest for modification in each process to increase sales and business
  5. Implementing SOP will help to find out process fault, system fault and will help to reduce or minimize wastage and unwanted expenses and time.
  6. This will help you to honor your business commitments, maintain product and process standards, will hep to avoid malpractices, and to protect your business.
  7. By finding out and reducing process wastage, time wastage, raw material wastage, money wastage, system loop holes, your business will grow and will be easy to scale up.

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