When you start your business , whether it is proprietor ship of partnership, you will be the person handling all the daily activities of your business right from marketing to dispatch.

This is the first stage. It is required also. Otherwise, you will be cheated, as you will not be aware various activities in the business. But once you are thorough on daily activities of your business, you need to step to the second stage, otherwise you will be a self employed person.

Most of the businessmen are struck up in this stage and not able to come out, as they lose confidence on others, and afraid, if they do not handle daily activities, something will happen to their business.

But this will make your business to be stagnant without any growth and your business will stop when you stop coming to your office. Your will not be able to enjoy your personal like, your family life etc.

Now the second stage comes. If you really want to run a professional business and be free from daily business head aches, you should delegate jobs and responsibilities to your employees. I am not telling you do not have employees. But you are not confident enough to handover the work to them. Because you are afraid whether they will do right , if not the loss going to happen to you.

Why this fear ? Only because, you have not designed a delegating system. You will have good expert employees but still they are doing mistakes. Not giving results as per your expectation.

Have you ever thought why they do mistakes and not producing expected results ?

There are some procedure you need to follow , which will remove your fear and you will get best result more than your expectation, without any mistake and finally you will be released from daily head aches.

The first thing, prepare a Job Description for each of your employees . In job description, it should be clearly mentioned the core task, who has to do, how to do, what is the expected result, when they will complete it (time line) and to whom they will report to.

Keep this as hard copy, one with you and one with the employee. For each employee, the reporting person should be their reporting manager, not YOU as an Entrepreneur.

Same way, the J D should be prepared for each reporting manager also.

Once this made, you need to review the reporting manager, who is responsible for the task, and you can monitor them through remote automated monitoring system from anywhere.

Once you start this and reviewing on daily basis initially, and twice in a week after that, you will get confident on your employees, and will be relived from daily business activities.

Try this and enjoy your business along with growth prospects.

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