A sales person, can be he at any position in your Organization. And, a Sales person is the one, who interact with the outside people , representing the Organization and explaining about the Company profile and Products.

Think, if he is not able to communicate properly on your Organization or on the product, at that point itself you lost one prospect or it will create to many other issues which will badly affect your Organization.

So, if you are a Sales person , you need to have 4 important qualities, and if you miss it, please improve it and bring into you.

If you are a Business owner, you should see whether these 4 qualities are available in your each sales person . If not, train them and bring into them. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and money on your sales team.

As I told earlier, Communication is the most important quality which a sales person should possess.

What is meant by communication practically ?

If a sales person can tell what he wanted to tell to a person in simple and lay man language , which can be understood very clearly to the listener, the sales person has communication quality. We also say, he has a good presentation skill

The Sales Person should have thorough knowledge on the product , Company etc. When he speaks to a prospect, he should be able to transform his product knowledge to him and the customer should feel that he is speaking to an expert on the subject. Otherwise, customer will get board, and will lose interest in listening. After that, he will feel it as a sales call and torture . Here, you will lose the prospect. So, second quality is, check are you or your sales person has best knowledge on product.

A sales person should have interest in learning. Because, he may be seeing multiple people at multiple situations and with multiple characteristics and mind set. If our Sales Person have a fixed mind set, it will not match with those, who he going to meet. This will turn into a self conclusion that the prospect is not good or suitable. Instead, a Sales Person should learn and understand each new prospect, his situation, his mind set, so that, he will be able to align with any person, and bring him into his cart. This is the third quality, a sales person should have and make sure that you have it.

If your Sales person is not a team player, and is not able to mingle with his team member of collogues in the Organization, he is not a good Sales Person. That means, he will not be able to handle people in a team. Also, it indicates, his stiffness and not flexible, adjustable etc. If the Sales person do not have this 4th quality, he can not grow in his career and he is not a healthy staff for the Organization.

Please look into all these 4 qualities and improve or build those in you to be and Expert Sales Person.

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