For any business, fund is required. You may rise fund from your relatives or friends or can take loan from bank or can approach an investor.

But in any case, you need a detailed analysis of your business proposal and need to present to the person whoever is ready to fund you. Without knowing what you are going to do or what is your business plan, nobody will give you money or you can raise fund.

The presentation for raising is called Pitch Deck. You need to consider the main points while preparing pitch deck , otherwise you will not be able to raise fund, even it is a small amount from seed funding.

The first point is What is the market burning problem or what is the customer problem you are going to solve.

Second point is , for this what is your solution for this. Means, what is your product or service which can solve this problem.

Third point is what is the unique selling preposition (USP) of your proposed product . What is the difference, between other product available for this market problem and yours.

Fourth point is, explain who are your competitors and how you are going to create entry barrier for them. Means, how you can monopolize yourself from competition.

Fifth is what is your revenue model. Means, how you can generate revenue from your business. Where you will sell the product , to whom you will sell the product, market size and monthly approximate revenue and yearly approximate revenue.

Sixth point is, who are your target audience. You should find and explain who are your exact target audience. Considering their demography, geographical location, psychography etc. You should explain your exact target audience.

Seventh point is, What is your exact product or service. Do you made the product or launched the product in the market. Or have you a sample of your product or do you have a 3 D video presentation of your product, with which your investor can understand what is you are trying to explain.

Eighth one is, your mile stones. Means, what you have done till today. How many customers you brought till today. What is your marketing and business plan, how much sale you have done till today, feed back from your customer got till today, what is your future marketing and business plan to bring more customer, what sales promotions you have done and what is planning etc.

Ninth point is funding got as on today. How much funding you got as on date, how you are going to repay it, what is your plan to repay it with repayment period. You should have clear plan on this. Also, you should explain why you need more funding and what is the possibility to repay the fund to him with period.

The last and tenth point is , how is your team, team expertise, team size, team capability etc., If your team is not good, or you don’t have team , no point in raising fund, as you can not manage a business alone. All Investors small or big knows this. So you will not get fund.

So take note of all the above 10 points and consider while you make a pitch deck for your business fund raising.

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