There is a big difference between Sympathy and Empathy.

Sympathy is just worrying on your customer’s problem. If your customer says about his business issues or fund issues or any other issues, and point out that reason for not ordering your product, if you show sympathy, you will surely not get the order. And for you these all are will be valid reasons.

You may think that, if customer have such and such issues, how I can solve it and it is genuine issue.

So you withdraw from follow up

Empathy means, thinking from other’s place. Seeing things from different dimension. From your customer’s shoes.

Take the same example. If your customer says I have fund issue, you can think from his shoes, if you are in his position, what will you do. So help him to find out NBFC or any other financial institutions where he may get funds . If he says he has market issue, understand his real problem and provide a solution how he can sell his product in the market.

By doing this, you are helping your customer to grow in his business, and you will can very easily sell your product to him, as now you are not a sales man , but a Consultant.

Work as a consultant rather a sales person, to grow in your career and business.

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