If you view sales from a different dimension, sales is a type of service, where we as a business man or sales person, provide solution to a person who has a problem. For example, if Mr Anoop is struggling in his work shop or factory, due to un availability of some tools, he will try to find out a person who can solve his problem

This person is called buyer. During a travel or in market or somewhere, Mr Karthik, who is a tool manufacturer or Trader happens to meet Mr Anoop and during formal chat, Karthik is asking Anoop about him, his profession etc., Then, Karthik tells that he is a manufacturer or Trader of that tool and he can help Anoop. Anoop becomes so happy and invite him to his office for a detailed discussion.

Here, have you seen Karthik as a seller ? No. Karthik done a survey to find out Anoop’s problem and offered help.

Sales person should think this this way only always, and their mind set up also should be like this. In that case, you can easily find many more customers from any place and even stranger also can be your best customer.

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