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Business Strategies

How to increase Transaction Value

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Increasing sales means stepping to business growth. If you only manage with available customers, your cost of new customer acquisition may be low, but you will be at risk of losing customers any time. Also, you will be dominated by them on price and delivery, hence you will be forced to give discount and fast delivery.… Read More »How to increase Transaction Value

How to find a prospect

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If you view sales from a different dimension, sales is a type of service, where we as a business man or sales person, provide solution to a person who has a problem. For example, if Mr Anoop is struggling in his work shop or factory, due to un availability of some tools, he will try to… Read More »How to find a prospect

How to get customer confidence

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There is a big difference between Sympathy and Empathy. Sympathy is just worrying on your customer’s problem. If your customer says about his business issues or fund issues or any other issues, and point out that reason for not ordering your product, if you show sympathy, you will surely not get the order. And for you… Read More »How to get customer confidence

How to bring more customers daily

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Business is customers. If you have more good customers, your business will rock easily without much effort. But if you have leas customers, you need to struggle , and to give discount to get orders. This will reduce your profit margin, and will push you to cut throat competitive market and all the time you will… Read More »How to bring more customers daily

How to generate Leads

We all know about email marketing, and many people does that also. But are you able to generate leads out of it ? Mostly not. Even we do not know, whether the receiver opens our mail or not. Here, we will tell you how you can generate leads through email marketing. Stop sending bulk SMS, BULK… Read More »How to generate Leads

How to Grow your Business

It is said that, fastest product delivery means more cash inflow and more business growth. Delay in delivery of products or services and not honouring commitments to the customer will slow down your business and you will be kicked back from the industry slowly . Delay in delivery will reduce the transaction cycling and you will… Read More »How to Grow your Business