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How to Raise Funds

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For any business, fund is required. You may rise fund from your relatives or friends or can take loan from bank or can approach an investor. But in any case, you need a detailed analysis of your business proposal and need to present to the person whoever is ready to fund you. Without knowing what you… Read More »How to Raise Funds

How to increase Transaction Value

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Increasing sales means stepping to business growth. If you only manage with available customers, your cost of new customer acquisition may be low, but you will be at risk of losing customers any time. Also, you will be dominated by them on price and delivery, hence you will be forced to give discount and fast delivery.… Read More »How to increase Transaction Value

How to find a prospect

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If you view sales from a different dimension, sales is a type of service, where we as a business man or sales person, provide solution to a person who has a problem. For example, if Mr Anoop is struggling in his work shop or factory, due to un availability of some tools, he will try to… Read More »How to find a prospect

Reduce Sales Turn-around time

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If you are a sales person, and if you are taking much time to close a sale from Enquiry generation to execution, your turn around time on sales will be very higher. In that case, your quarterly or annual sales turn over will be very less. How to increase sales volume by reduce sales turn around… Read More »Reduce Sales Turn-around time

How to bring more customers daily

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Business is customers. If you have more good customers, your business will rock easily without much effort. But if you have leas customers, you need to struggle , and to give discount to get orders. This will reduce your profit margin, and will push you to cut throat competitive market and all the time you will… Read More »How to bring more customers daily

Conventional Sales to Digital Sales

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During Covid 19 and after that, many businessmen has lost their business, as prospects stopped coming to the shop or plant. We all have a mis understanding that only specific products can be sold online, not all. It is absolutely wrong. You can sell any product digitally. Can be it is an equipment or machinery or… Read More »Conventional Sales to Digital Sales