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How to Grow your Business

It is said that, fastest product delivery means more cash inflow and more business growth. Delay in delivery of products or services and not honouring commitments to the customer will slow down your business and you will be kicked back from the industry slowly . Delay in delivery will reduce the transaction cycling and you will… Read More »How to Grow your Business

How to Retain Good Manpower

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Manpower is the strength of your business. You can not do business of your own. You need people. Sorry… Not people . But good people. If you don’t have sincere staff, most of the time, you will be on recruitment mart and you will lose focus in business. You need good people in each department and… Read More »How to Retain Good Manpower

How to increase your customer base ?

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In the series of business strategies, I will give you a perfect clarity onHow you can retain your customer and convert new prospect into your permanent customer. You should always think, how you can increase the business and revenue of your customer. Not yours. If you focus on your customers revenue generation, automatically your business and… Read More »How to increase your customer base ?

How to be only one in your market

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If you want to be the only one in the market for your product or services, yo need to strictly adhere the below points Understand your customer – There age, requirements, Genter, income group etc. Once you understand your customer psychographic and demographic you will be able to decide what to sell to them. Understand your… Read More »How to be only one in your market

How to close an Order

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Reaching to the stage of Order closure is not so easy. There are many huddles like finding out a prospect, understand his requirements, presenting the product, quote submission, follow up him without iritating,and getting an appointment from him for a final discussion.This is a critical stage. In this situation, prospect can give you the order or… Read More »How to close an Order