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How to Raise Funds

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For any business, fund is required. You may rise fund from your relatives or friends or can take loan from bank or can approach an investor. But in any case, you need a detailed analysis of your business proposal and need to present to the person whoever is ready to fund you. Without knowing what you… Read More »How to Raise Funds

How to increase Transaction Value

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Increasing sales means stepping to business growth. If you only manage with available customers, your cost of new customer acquisition may be low, but you will be at risk of losing customers any time. Also, you will be dominated by them on price and delivery, hence you will be forced to give discount and fast delivery.… Read More »How to increase Transaction Value

Use your phone as a sales tool

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Phone is not just an instrument to make calls. It is a powerful tool to make each call into sales. Provided you use it effectively. The difference between personal meeting and phone call is, the prospect will not see you if you on a call with him, BUT he can judge you within seconds through your… Read More »Use your phone as a sales tool

How to find a prospect

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If you view sales from a different dimension, sales is a type of service, where we as a business man or sales person, provide solution to a person who has a problem. For example, if Mr Anoop is struggling in his work shop or factory, due to un availability of some tools, he will try to… Read More »How to find a prospect

How to be a Best Sales Person

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A sales person, can be he at any position in your Organization. And, a Sales person is the one, who interact with the outside people , representing the Organization and explaining about the Company profile and Products. Think, if he is not able to communicate properly on your Organization or on the product, at that point… Read More »How to be a Best Sales Person

How to get customer confidence

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There is a big difference between Sympathy and Empathy. Sympathy is just worrying on your customer’s problem. If your customer says about his business issues or fund issues or any other issues, and point out that reason for not ordering your product, if you show sympathy, you will surely not get the order. And for you… Read More »How to get customer confidence