Increasing sales means stepping to business growth. If you only manage with available customers, your cost of new customer acquisition may be low, but you will be at risk of losing customers any time. Also, you will be dominated by them on price and delivery, hence you will be forced to give discount and fast delivery.

Giving discount and fast delivery within short period of order will make you to do all the process in a hurry bury, and you will not be able to get raw material at negotiated or best price, and you will land up with low margin.

Finally , you will have a regular customer base and regular sales and your top level will be wonderful,, but when you look at the bottom level of your balance sheet, you will get shock.

If you compare new customer acquisition cost and discounts given to regular customers and raw material price loss due to improper vendor negotiation due to lesser time, your customer acquisition cost will he lower. Also, you can sell at best price with best purchase price.

It is always said that if you want to sell an product at good profit, you should purchase it at best price. Sales is always purchase.

So make a habit of bringing new customers every day.

But how to bring new customers ?

Prospect every day – Means, your sales person should be in market every day and find out at least one prospect. Once you practice this, it will create a circular chain, and you will be flourished with new customers at a certain point of time. This will help you to make up any loss in profit happened with your regular customers. If you have not incurred any loss in profit, your profit will double.

Other than regular purchase from your regular or new customers, you should plan for higher transaction through them

Upselling and cross selling is a method to increase the transaction value.

For example, if you customer regularly buy for Rs. 10,000, you can inform him through email marketing that if you buy for Rs 13,000 , you will get a cash or gift voucher for Rs. 2000/- which can be redeemed during next purchase. This way, you can make each customer’s sale double and your total transaction value will turn to J curve.

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