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Most of the sales person whether it is a salesman or sales executive or sales manager, they always look the customer, and approach the customer to get a sale, how to grab him to their grip. This is the situation, customer will skip from you as no buyer want to be sold by himself. If you approach any prospect or customer, he will first think that whether you are trying to sell some thing. This feeling will take him away from you and never will connect. Once the prospect disconnects from you, whatever follow up you do, whatever best products you have, you can not sell it.

Sales personals should change their mindset and feel himself as a Sales Consultant.

The difference between sales person and a sales consultant is, when the sales person only try to sell his product to somebody, sales consultant will ask question to the prospect to understand his actual requirement, and this will connect the prospect to the sales man.

For example, if you are selling a washing machine, when you meet one prospect, if you show the models what he ask to show, if you tell the price as per his questions, and if you answer only to his questions, you are a sales person. The customer may buy or may not buy. If the customer buys, it is not because of you. But, if you ask customer how many people are there in his family, type of the cloths he want to wash, frequency of washing etc., he will connect with you, and there is not chance he will not buy.

This strategy can be applied for any product. Only thing is that the ales person should have complete knowledge of the product he is handling. To convert sales man into sales consultant, he need training. Without training, sales person will remain as sales person and you will invest more money to build sales team, which will not give any result. If you are looking for business consultancy or sales training or team management, please let us know by clicking here.

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